2022 Wilderness Adventure Trips

A group of campers silhouetted by Lake Superior.

In a cool solitude of trees

Where leaves and birds a music spin

Mind that was weary is at ease

New rhythms in the soul begin            

William Kean Seymour

Each of our Wilderness Adventure Trips offers our campers, ages 13-15, an exciting opportunity to challenge themselves and learn new skills in a wilderness setting.

On a Camp Daggett Summer Wilderness Trip you can expect to be challenged and surprised.  You will meet fellow campers from all over the state, country and sometimes even the world.  You will bond over the shared experiences of hiking, canoeing, and living in the vast and awe-inspiring wilderness areas of Michigan, and you will be given the chance to ground yourself in the simplicity that nature has to offer, while exploring the hidden wonders that exist between shoreline and trail, river and tree.  Most importantly, you will leave a Camp Daggett Wilderness Trip with lifetime memories and lasting new friendships.

Our week will start with a day and a half on our challenge ropes course in order to increase the campers’ self-confidence and improve their communication and teamwork skills. The group will then put their new found skills to the test as they head off on one of three fun and exciting wilderness adventures.

Although the trips vary in location and difficulty, each focuses on “Leave No Trace” back-country ethics, basic survival skills and the general history and ecology of the area.

PATHFINDER  –  Backpacking/Rafting Hybrid                           June 26 – July 2, 2022

Set forth on a hybrid hiking/rafting trip in the Jordan Valley. In addition to their time at Camp Daggett preparing for their adventure, campers will set out on a four-day, three-night journey that will begin at Deadman’s Hill and take them through the Jordan River Pathway, all the way to a rafting adventure down the Jordan River. A true hidden gem of Northern Michigan! There is plenty of opportunity to see different types of flora and fauna, a mix of hiking terrain, and a thrilling teamwork paddle down the Jordan River. On this exciting 19-mile hike and 8-mile raft hybrid expedition we will live and learn the basics of wilderness travel and camping while exercising sound, noninvasive, minimum impact techniques. This trip is limited to 12 campers.


CANOER  –  Ausable River                               July 10 – July 16, 2022

Get your paddles ready for a trip down the Ausable River. In addition to their time at Camp Daggett preparing for their adventure, campers will set out on a four-day, three-night river excursion that begins in Grayling and will travel west to east towards Mio, with multiple camps along the way. The Ausable River is known for crisp, clear waters, brown trout fly fishing, wildlife, and fantastic scenery along the way. It is known as one of the best canoeing rivers in the Midwest. After working on our paddling skills, we will enjoy sunsets and camaraderie around the campfire. It is sure to be a trip full of fun and adventure!  This trip is limited to 10 campers.


EXPLORER   –  Backpacking – North Country Trail                      July 24 – July 30, 2022

Lace up those boots for a trip through the wilderness of the North Country Trail. In addition to their time at Camp Daggett preparing for their adventure, campers will set out on a four-day, three-night backpacking expedition that will take us from one side of Lake Michigan to another along the North Country Trail and northwest tip of the Lower Peninsula. Our 26-mile adventure will take us through wetlands, inland lakes, coniferous forests, and onto beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. We will practice our camping and basic wilderness travel skills, self-resilience, while exercising minimum impact techniques. Some prior wilderness experience and exposure to hiking and backpacking is preferred. Join us for a trip that will be a lifelong memory!  This trip is limited to 12 campers.


Adventure Trip Goals

  • To enhance self-confidence while building teamwork skills and traits.
  • To learn responsible and safe backcountry travel, camping and survival skills.
  • To foster an appreciation for the natural world and wild places.
  • To have new and fun experiences in unique and adventurous settings!


Each trip will be lead by an experienced staff member certified in CPR and First Aid, and Life Guard Certification when swimming is available.

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