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Camp Daggett is blessed to have many donors that have supported us year after year. Camp Daggett is a not-for-profit that provides positive experiences for over a a 1,000 children every year. It has been providing these experiences for children since 1925. Without the generous support of donors many of these children would be unable to participate in Camp programs. In addition it should be noted that Camp Daggett would never be able to maintain the facilities without the support of our donors. Because of this support it will be around for generations to come.

We want to recognize our donors and those who have supported Camp Daggett by their donations in 2012.

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In addition we have a number of businesses, individuals and organizations that help us with in-kind donations. We want to recognize these folks as well.

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Camp Daggett has charitable funds within the Petoskey Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. A number of Camp Daggett supporters also give to these funds.

Thank you!

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