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Year-Round Employment Opportunities

Camp Daggett is not currently hiring any full-time positions!

Summer Employment Opportunities

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 summer camp season! Apply online today!

Summer employment at Camp Daggett provides the opportunity to expand your leadership abilities while developing transferable skills and experience. These experiences, along with the outstanding communication and interpersonal skills you gain while working at camp, will look phenomenal on a resume for anything.

The Basics

Working as part of our summer staff is one of the best and most memorable ways to spend June, July, and August. We strive to create an inclusive, dedicated team that is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure every camper has a positive experience. These are the basics that apply to all positions.

  • Location: Camp Daggett is a Co-Ed overnight camp on beautiful Walloon Lake in Petoskey, Michigan and has been operating since 1925. 
  • Time commitment: June 12th-August 14th, living and working at Camp Daggett 
  • Benefits: each position has a starting salary along with an end-of-summer bonus, extensive training, and includes lodging and meals for the summer. 
  • Training: June 12th-June 18th is a paid week of staff training which includes activity specific training, positive youth development approaches, and basic First Aid and CPR. Lifeguard training will be available the week prior for aquatic positions and in-service training takes place throughout the summer.  
  • Time Off: the 8 week-long camp sessions run from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. All staff have one night off per week and time off between sessions. 
  • Application Process: apply via the link above. Applicants must be 18 at the start of the summer (except for kitchen aides). All positions require thorough background checks, employment history, and three references.  
  • Position availability: summer positions are filled on a rolling basis. All roles are listed below regardless of whether they are filled for the upcoming season. 

Cabin Counselors

$375 per week | Room + Board | Training + Skill Development

This position is the core of the summer experience for campers. In this role, you will: 

  • Create a positive group dynamic for 10 campers under your supervision for the week. Campers are 7-14 years old, stay at camp for 1 week, and are grouped by age 
  • Help campers enjoy camp, stay in the cabin with your campers, and eat family-style meals with them 
  • Instruct in one of our program areas for the summer, working with all campers 
  • Lead a weekly overnight campout with your brother or sister cabin

Counselors do not need extensive outdoor or summer camp experience. 

You will be a great fit for counseling if: you love working with kids, you are known for being responsible, and you care about giving campers a supportive, positive experience.  


Area Directors

$400 per week | Room + Board | Training + Skill Development

The individuals in this position are key to creating fun, engaging program areas for summer campers. In this role, you will:  

  • Lead one of six daily activity areas: swimming, sailing, canoeing, arts + crafts, nature, or recreation 
  • Plan program lessons and work with counseling staff to run activities in area 
  • Prepare and lead one camp-wide night activity each week 
  • Fill-in for counselors during nights off and supervise a cabin of campers 
  • Work as part of the leadership team to make sure all details of camp run smoothly 
  • Area Directors must have some experience in their area as well as a willingness to learn  

Apply to be an Area Director if: you are great at planning and organizing, you enjoy supporting others’ success, and you love helping people learn new things. 

Administrative & Support Staff

The individuals in these positions help ensure everything that needs to happen at camp does while simultaneously supporting campers, staff, and volunteers.

Program Director $475 per week | Room + Board 
Oversees activity areas, night activities, and all other programs that happen throughout a day at Camp. The program director coordinates camp-wide night activities with area directors, leads volunteer staff in preparing special programs, assisting maintenance, and supports quality programming happening in all 6 activity areas.

Leader-in-Training Director $475 per week | Room + Board 
Supports our volunteer Camp Aides and Counselors in Training. The LIT Director provides each group on volunteer staff a unique leadership development experience. They coordinate projects, responsibilities, and evaluations of all volunteer staff. Coordinating with the other directors, the LIT director also supports counseling staff. 

Adventure Program Director $475 per week | Room + Board 
Plans, prepares, and supports our cabin campouts. They coordinate where cabins are camping out each week, develop dinner and breakfast menus, and work with camp aides to make sure all gear and food is packed. They also support counselor skill development for tent camping and may attend campouts when available. This role also ensures that other adventure programming is successful in program areas. 

Camp Health Officer $475 per week | Room + Board 
Is the primary health care provider at Camp Daggett. They communicate with parents about specific health needs, manage and distribute all medications, document health care provided, advise the Camp Director on health care matters, and providing advanced first aid as needed. Must have or be able to obtain first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer as well as any other required health officer training. 

Kitchen Staff starting at $375 per week | Room + Board available
Roles include the Assistant Cook and Kitchen Aids. The Head Cook and Assistant Cook order supplies, plan menus, and prepare meals for campers and staff that are accommodating to dietary restrictions and food allergies. Kitchen Aides assist with food preparation and serving as well as cleaning of dishes, the kitchen, and food storage areas. 

Maintenance Staff starting at $375 per week | Room + Board available
Keep the facilities and grounds at camp maintained and looking great. Our Summer Maintenance Director and Assistant Maintenance Director help make repairs and clean spaces daily with the support of volunteer Camp Aids. The Summer Maintenance Director position does have the option to live on-site or drive in daily. 

You are made to take on a supportive role if: you are great at seeing the big picture, you can keep multiple things moving at once, and you know that you can have a huge impact by helping others be successful.


Have specific questions about working at Camp Daggett this summer? Get in touch with Doug De Ceuninck, our Summer Camp Director, at

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