Bearcub Outfitter Snowshoe for Camp Daggett



     A big thank you to Bearcub Outfitters!!

AND  to Tom Lawrence, the Tubbs Snowshoe Co. representative, from Surrounded By Lakes LLC who matched the first $500 in donations to support Camp Daggett.  “Since we are not able to enjoy the fun and comradery of gathering for the Bearcub Torchlight Snowshoe at Camp Daggett as we always do in winter, we feel that our challenging times should not get in the way of our commitment to Camp Daggett.” said Tom.


2021 was very different than past years!   This year  both Bearcub Torchlight Snowshoe events at Camp Daggett were replaced by Snowshoe for Camp Daggett!  Bearcub Outfitters is sponsored events for Camp Daggett at their store at 321 E. Lake Street, Petoskey to support Camp Daggett. 

We had hoped that we could do the actual Snowshoe event at Camp Daggett in February, but both the staff at Bearcub Outfitters and Camp Daggett do not feel that your safety could be insured yet.  Things are improving with COVID-19 and we do not want to do anything that would jeopardize that!  Be Safe!  Have Fun!!

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