15th Annual Kayak for a Cause

For 15 years now, Kayak for a Cause on Walloon Lake has brought together avid paddlers and lovers of the outdoors to share in a unique event that not only showcases the beautiful lake Camp Daggett calls home, but also helps support a worthy cause. In our 15th year, we invite you to join our kayaking team and take part in this great event with the goal of raising dollars in support of the Camp Daggett Adventure Education Center and its student programs. Please consider supporting this great event, or even joining in the fun yourself as we paddle around the pristine waters of Walloon Lake on July 15, 2023.

Kayak Cause Walloon Lake

Day-Of Event Details

WHO: This event is aimed at Char-Em Middle School educators, athletics coaches, and community stakeholders looking to bring leadership development and team building skills through experiential education to your students.

WHAT: On July 15, 2023, teachers, coaches, and supporters will kayak 10 miles of Walloon Lake with Camp Daggett Adventure Center supporters and staff, raising funds to bring your students to the Adventure Center for a full-day team building program. Teams of four (teachers and supporters) per school are encouraged.

WHEN: Paddle from 9 am-1 pm on Saturday, July 15, with lunch from 2-2:30 pm

WHERE: Departing from Bear Cove Marina. Ending at the home of Adventure Center leader Laurie McMurray, where lunch will be served.

DETAILS: Bring your own kayak. Transportation of kayaks from the McMurray home, back to Bear Cove will be provided. Kayak rental is available upon request.


FAQ and Other Information


WHAT THE FUNDS RAISED GO TOWARD: Funds you raise will be put toward a full-day Adventure Education Program at the CDAC. This program includes:

  • Group Size of 20-50 participants ($40 per person with a 20-person minimum)
  • Mingler Sessions
  • Ice Breakers
  • Low & High Ropes Activities
  • Lunch

EXPECTED OUTCOMES: Our day-long program is designed to create trust and mutual support within a team as well as to increase team spirit and motivation.

HOW TO RAISE FUNDS: Look for sponsors in the community – individuals and businesses who want to support your effort. We also recommend that you request pledges from family, friends, and community supporters. Either a pledge per mile paddled or a flat dollar amount of support!

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Participating in team activities can help students develop essential communication and collaboration skills while preparing them for success in and out of the classroom.

  • Teamwork teaches essential communication and social skills, such as active listening and effective speaking.
  • Teamwork teaches students that their voices are respected and valued.
  • One of the biggest benefits of teamwork is its potential to dramatically reduce the effects of bullying on students. When a student knows they are valued and respected by others, they will be able to rise above the hurtful acts or comments of a bully.
  • The benefits of teamwork almost always translate into success outside the classroom. There are very few career paths that operate in isolation. As an employee in almost any industry, people are required to work closely with others.

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