Animal Matrix

There is tremendous value in exploring personality styles. It gives us the ability to identify our individual behavioral tendencies, as well as personal leadership preferences including strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, triggers, challenges and more.

The Animal Matrix facilitation process is a thought-provoking experiential tool used to examine varying personality types that exist within your group or organization.


What to Expect

  • The Animal Matrix workshop is a process by which participants are able to gain greater awareness of their personal behaviors and tendencies.
  • Participants will learn to access and understand the varying and multiple perspectives of other personality types.
  • They will discover how to navigate targeted areas for growth (i.e. conflict resolution, collaboration, time management, etc.) effectively by enhancing communication and team work skills.
  • They will learn to take the time to understand differences in personality traits which is paramount to creating success, especially when working within a group setting.
  • Participants should expect to nurture a deeper consideration of their own values (positive or negative), and take important steps in constructing empathy and understanding for others as we determine the values that are essential to them and to the team.
A group of participants standing in a circle.

Program Cost

  • The 2-hour seminar, which is designed for 20 participants, is $500.
  • Each seminar is customized and can be delivered at a location of your choosing.
  • Additional program cost can be incurred for travel time, materials or larger group sizes.

Please ask us how we can design a program to best fit your needs.


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