Adventure Center Testimonials

The comments below were made by some of our past program participants in response to their experience at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center.  Please take a look!

You did a super job getting us to work together as a team and also to step out of our comfort zone to try something new.

Flexibility and sharing leadership to accomplish goals is key.

The take-away from the day was outstanding!

We are stronger as a team; communication is essential.

Believe in myself!

The feedback from our staff has been thumbs-up all around. Most are asking when we might do this again! The team building activities were especially well received. I would strongly recommend this experience as a means of getting staff to know and appreciate each other at a higher level.

Your staff is the best – but I’m sure you already know that! You were all fantastic to work with (although it felt more like play), and Camp Daggett is providing an invaluable service to businesses and corporations that value their employees and wish to promote team building among their ranks. Keep up the great work!

Many of my co-workers have proclaimed that this was the best company meeting they have ever attended.

On a business side, I always go back and forth – is it worth sacrificing a production day for a staff retreat?…. I’d recommend your team building program to any business. See you next time.

Thank you for a very enjoyable day at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center. Getting away from the office as a group was very beneficial. Your selection of team building activities was a key to our successful day. The activities made us think and work as a group while the physical level was appropriate to our middle age talents.

Every day we are a work in progress; building our lives. For all of us it was a day that we will remember of working together, depending on each other, and trusting one another. This, in turn, made us feel more confident about ourselves. Also, the windows at the center brought in a lot of natural light which was a great stimulator for we office workers!

I just wanted to thank all of you for a wonderful day at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center. I have gotten great reviews from the staff that spent the day with you. They all felt it was a day well spent and that they learned a lot about themselves and each other.

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