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What is the Ultimate School Climate?

The ultimate school climate embodies the creation of a community and educational culture that:

  • Is developed, embraced and nurtured by students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members.
  • Explores the social and emotional aspects of who you want to be as students, educators and a greater community.
  • Challenges members to build relationships, strong character traits and life skills.

How is this program different?

The ultimate school climate is a process, not a product. It will help your school district and education community integrate the Full Value Agreement into all aspects of every day life at your schools. It is a development tool that becomes the way your district operates… not just “One More Thing.” It simply becomes how we do things.

What is the Full Value Agreement?

The Full Value Agreement is a useful tool to stimulate learning and help individuals and groups achieve their goals while participating in a shared experience. When working in groups, it is beneficial to have members agree to certain guidelines; under which people can operate and return to in case of problems or obstacles.

In addition, the Full Value Agreement can be an effective way to evaluate behavior and progress towards group goals.

An ultimate school climate promotes the development and use of Social/emotional competencies (i.e. respect, integrity, communication, problem-solving skills) in the context of creating safe and supportive school, family and community learning environments in which people (students and staff) feel cared for, respected, connected and engaged in learning.

School Climate at Central Elementary

What are the benefits?

The ultimate school climate encompasses the creation of a community and educational culture.

  • Concise and adaptable
  • Will help your district function as a team
  • Provides a consistent framework for any situation
  • Addresses social and emotional learning expectations and outcomes

How Do You Get Started?

This is a three phase process…

  • Discovery Phase: We will learn the process of operations for your district.
  • Developmental Phase: Once we understand the direction you would like to help your district move, we can determine together how to integrate the Full Value Agreement into your school community.
  • Delivery Phase: With our help, you will form a plan designed to incorporate effective techniques to transform the educational experience.

Contact us if you would like to learn more. We look forward to working with you and your school community!

Please take a look at our School Climate Program Brochure for a more compiled version of all that it has to offer.

Ultimate School Climate… It’s Real!

Expectations are set with the Full Value Agreement and everyone knows they need to follow it. – Elizabeth, Middle School Student

It helps you be a witness to the good and lead or change the trajectory of conversations so they reflect
positive ways to develop solutions. – Tami Pichla, Elementary School Principal

It promotes an environment of “District First” … It develops a common goal for students, staff, parents and administrators alike. – John Scholten, School Superintendent

The Full Value Agreement is a mutual understanding shared by the middle school family of students and staff. FVA is a commitment based on the philosophy that every person has the right and responsibility to be part of a team, be heard, and help maintain a safe climate for Petoskey Middle School. – Mike Frampus, Middle School Assistant Principal

Students follow the Full Value Agreement to create a safe, respectful, and productive school environment. Over the years this motto has transformed from something we heard in announcements every day to the positive way we conduct ourselves as a student body. – Devra, High School Student

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