Adventure Center Leadership Programs


Working with your business to cultivate effective leaders and build strong management teams

This three- or six-hour workshop is for individuals, groups or businesses interested in building strong management teams that work together cooperatively, make better decisions faster and communicate more honestly and directly.

This program explores the importance of self-discovery, understanding and reflection as necessities for the cultivation of effective leaders within our professional and personal communities.  By exploring our past experiences in leadership, our own leadership styles (strenghts and weaknesses), and character traits that elicit creativity, motivation and purpose, we can begin to forge new pathways for ourselves and others to follow on the way to positive and impactful leadership.

In understanding our existing ideas of what a leader is or should be, we can reflect on the steps that we have already taken in leadership, as well as prepare for the new paths that will direct us towards the leaders that we can and will be.

“Know from whence you came.  If you know whence you came,

      There are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”

-James Baldwin






  • Self-reflection and awareness of personal leadership journey
  • Learn about team members’ vision, values and motivation
  • Increase teamwork skills and creativity
  • Discover tools to build stronger relationships among staff.

Participants will

  • reflect personally to better understand the type of leader they believe they are and/or want to be.
  • learn how their past leadership experiences have shaped their ability to work with or lead others.
  • examine their strengths and weaknesses and explore how these traits/tools can direct their leadership path, personal work, work within a team, productivity and creativity.
  • cultivate their personal leadership style and forge new “pathways” to becoming an impactful leader.

These worshops are offered September through May at Camp Daggett on beautiful Walloon Lake.  The workshop can also be customized for your group needs and can be delivered at a location of your choosing.

Cost is $75.00 per person for the three-hour seminar with a minimum of 5 participants per business group, longer sessions can be arranged.

“….the past is not a map to where you are going, it’s a record of where you have been.  Its purpose

is not  to drag you back through emotional muck, but to serve you best by reminding you

of lessons learned so you can avoid them in the future.” 

 – from React or Respond by Kimberly and Tom Goodwin



Camp Daggett Onsite Facilities

Our 13,000 square foot lakefront cedar lodge contains a commercial kitchen and a rustic dining hall with a massive field stone fireplace and whole Northwest Pacific fir trusses supporting a 30-foot cathedral ceiling.

Camp Daggett maintains over, 1,400 feet of lake frontage on Walloon Lake and 118 acres of forests, wetlands and meadows.  Just minutes from local Northern Michigan towns such as Petoskey, Boyne City Charlevoix, Harbor Springs and East Jordan, the site is ideally suited for recreational and educational activities.

Camp Daggett’s lodge and facilites can be rented by individuals, organizations, clubs, corporations, etc.  Meals can be catered or guests can make themselves at home in our fully equipped commercial kitchen.  Camp Daggett maintains a policy of a smoke-free and alcohol-free environment.  For additional information on the facilities please click HERE.

List of Caterers

  • A Matter of Taste Catering                                                                          231-588-1000
  • Around the Bay Catering                                                                             231-838-2473
  • The Bistro                                                                                                       231-347-5583
  • Shane Brown                                                                                                  231-347-6819
  • Dennis Cassidy                                                                                              231-330-6866
  • City Park Grill                                                                                                231-347-0101
  • Julienne Tomatoes                                                                                        231-439-9250
  • Red Mesa, Boyne City                                                                                   231-582-0049
  • Roast & Toast                                                                                                 231-347-7767
  • WhichWich                                                                                                     231-753-2550

For more information, visit or call 231-347-9742 or email



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